Downsizing can be a sensible option if you’re living in a home that’s just a little too big, reduce living costs or simply want a home that’s easier to maintain. That being said, where do you start?  We’ve put together a few tips that can help make the process a little bit smoother. 

Move for the right reason 

First things first, ask yourself:

  • Is moving home going to improve your lifestyle?
  • Will you be closer to amenities?
  • How close is the nearest Doctor?
  • Are family or social connections close? 
  • Is there enough parking? 
  • What am I leaving behind? 

That being said, it’s also important to not make money the main driving force for you moving. You could just as easily end up in the same situation where you want to move again.

Take into account all the costs 

We all know how expensive the process of moving can be, so it’s important to add up all these little costs before making your final decision. Once you’ve added up all the fees, moving costs, bills including car usage and so on, is the move worth it? 

Take a look at the area

Really look at the location and what it has to offer. Try to think from a resident's point of view, rather than a visitor. 

  • Does it have everything you need?
  • Is the area peaceful? 
  • Can your family and friends visit with ease? 
  • Can you see yourself being able to build a social life in the area? 
  • Are there any plans for development changes? 

Try to remain practical when viewing properties. It’s natural to get carried away with the thought of your dream home, but it’s important to be honest about the reality of living there. 


This can be tough! You may have a tonne of memories in your current home and fitting them into a smaller one may be near impossible. Try to plan in advance to avoid needing extra storage space and be prepared to make difficult decisions.

  • Measure your new home.  This will help you to work out which pieces will not be too tall or bulky for your new space. 
  • What do you actually use/need. If you have not used something in the last year, are you ever really going to use it again? If not, it could be good to add this to the donation pile. 
  • Donate. If you find yourself with items in good or used condition, why not donate? This not only helps others who may need what you’re throwing away, but it helps to reduce waste. 

Now that we've been through our top tips, it's time to make a decision! This is where our Agents can help.