What are buyers looking for in 2021?

If you're planning to sell your home, it's important that you fully understand what potential buyers are looking for as it can help you position your home to gain more attention.

With the economic uncertainty surrounding 2021, it's hard to predict what the market will be like within the next few months; being prepared is key!

Various research reports have forecasted that property prices could fall by around 14% within the next year. This is not a guaranteed statistic, but considering what buyers are looking for can help your home to stand out on the market.

Where do you start with getting ahead of the market in 2021? Here are three top tips.

Space for a home office

It's no secret that the amount of people working from home has risen given the current climate. Many people will return to working from the office, however it has changed the way we work. It's been predicted that flexibility to work from home will be the new normal in many workplaces.

That being said, office spaces in your home can be appealing to buyers who are conscious of their work situation. It's important that you are careful to not turn a 2 bedroom home for example into a 1 bedroom home with an office. Instead, why not show how versatile your space could be.

A well kept garden

During the first lockdown in March 2020, we saw people utilising their garden space more than ever. Gardens are moving up the list of priorities for homebuyers as space that they can enjoy.

That's not to say that you need to start spending a lot of money to make a neglected garden look more appealing. A fresh coat of fence paint, a clean patio and cut grass goes a long way!

A flexible living space

With families spending more time together at home due to the current climate, it's no secret why open plan living has become more popular. It's allowed individuals in the household to do their own thing whilst also still spending time together, such as children watching TV whilst mum or dad prepares dinner.

Showing how flexible your home can be will attract an array of buyers. If your home is open plan, you could present your home in a way that demonstrates how these rooms could be designed and separated. If your home is not open plan, it could be worth looking at rough costs so you could provide a figure if a potential buyer is looking for open plan living.

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