According to recent reports via Property Industry Eye, the total value of homes in England have increased 80% over the last decade. This figure has been predominantly driven by the value of rental homes more so than owned homes being valued. 

The research has shown that the combined markets currently total a value of £7.4trn with the entire market having increased by 80% in value over the last decade. The housing market is by far the largest when it comes to total market value at £4.6trn compared to the total rental market value of £1.5trn. 

However, the modern day buyer has been priced out of the market, meaning that buyers are looking to rent for longer and until later in life. This change is apparent when looking at the growth of each market; the housing market has increased by 75% in value over the last 10 years vs the rental sector has seen a market value increase of 105%.

While the housing market still reigns supreme in terms of total size and value, there has been a far greater level of growth across the private rental sector to accommodate this new way of living.

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