The big decision: staying close or moving far?

If you decide to stay relatively close to where you live now, there is not really a lot to decide on. However, if you are choosing to move to a different part of the town or even further afield, the decisions is going to be naturally harder to make. Take some time to do your research on the potential location and always make sure you visit the area to ensure it lives up to your expectations. The housing market across the UK is incredibly varied, and can often only be deciphered through detailed research on individual areas and streets.

What type of house are you looking for?

Do you want a period property or a new build? Thinking about the style and age of your dream home can help you to drill down into certain areas. For example, if you're looking for an estate with new style builds, Ingleby Barwick would be an option!

What type of area works best?

Everyone is different and some ideals that matter to one person might not matter to another. Make sure to think about the following:

  • Do you want a vibrant city / town vibe with plenty of restaurants & cafes?
  • Do you prefer to be out more in the countryside?
  • Do you want the amenities to be local and within walking distance? Or are you happy to travel?
  • Are you looking for the best schools? Are the ones in the area up to standard?
  • How close do you want to be to family & friends?
  • What will the commuting time be?
  • Where are the transport links?
  • What are the crime rates?

Spend time in the area

Spend a bit of time in the area to see if it's a fit for you. It really is worth spending some time getting a feel for the area if you're planning to spend years there.

  • Try to visit local pubs & shops
  • Is the area looked after or unkept?
  • Is the area noisy / busy? Do you mind this?
  • Can you feel yourself living in the area?

Look at the long-term plans

Unless you are planning to move again in the next few years, it's important that you think about your long term plans.

  • Move into a home that you will grow into, not out grow
  • Do worry about the long term value of your house: for many people it is their biggest asset
  • Do you have children or are planning on doing so? Look at OFTED reports for schools & if the area has playing space. If there are lots of families living in the area, chances are that there are plenty of facilities for families.

Take a look at our area guide here: Michael Poole Area Guide or get in touch with your local branch for advice or guidance!