1. There are more buyers than there are homes available! According to Rightmove, in the past two months they seen more homes coming up for sale – more than 260,000 new sellers came to market in the last two months alone. If you’re currently house hunting, you’re likely to find it is extremely competitive right now for 'family' homes with three bedrooms or more.
  2. It's the perfect time to sell your home. Rightmove reports have shown that Properties are selling within 45 days on average, which is the fastest pace Rightmove have recorded. As stated above, the number of buyers is also at a record high right now, putting you in a good position to get a good price and a quick sale if you’re thinking of selling your home. To find out exactly how much your home is worth, click here: Property Valuation
  3. Asking prices are at an all time high. Asking prices are at a record high and up in all regions compared to before the pandemic.The average asking price of a property has now reached a record high of more than a third of a million pounds across Great Britain.
  4. There's a huge demand for rental homes. It's been reported by Rightmove that there has also been a huge demand across the UK for rental properties. Asking rents have also been seen to rise, with the asking rent pcm achieving the highest annual rise since 2015.

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