Getting your house ready for a viewing can be an exciting step in the selling process. It's all about creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that allows potential buyers to envision themselves living in your home. Here are some friendly and practical tips to prepare your house for a viewing:

Outside Welcomes:

  1. Curb Appeal:
    • Take a stroll outside and notice what catches your eye.
    • Neatly tuck away bins and trim overgrown hedges.
    • Consider a fresh coat of paint for the front door for a welcoming touch.
    • Give windows a good scrub and address any small repairs.
  1. Add a Touch of Charm:
    • Small touches like flower pots or a new doormat can make a big difference.
    • Think about how you can make the entrance more inviting.

Inviting Interiors:

  1. Create an Open Hallway:
    • Clear the entrance of any unnecessary items like shoes and coats to create a welcoming path.
    • Clean any marks on walls, giving them a quick wipe or touch-up.
  1. Living Spaces That Spark Joy:
    • Declutter and tidy, allowing visitors to easily imagine living in the space.
    • A sparkling kitchen is always a winner - clean surfaces, oven, and floor.
    • Consider delightful scents, like fresh coffee or baked goods, to create a cosy atmosphere.
    • In the living room, fluff up cushions, straighten throws, and give it a good vacuum.
  1. Bathroom Freshness:
    • Ensure the bathroom is spotless; wipe surfaces, clean the bath and shower.
    • Polish mirrors and fittings for a touch of elegance.
    • Consider a new shower curtain if the current one looks tired.

Embrace Your Outdoor Space:

  1. Garden Delights:
    • Showcase the garden's potential by keeping it well-maintained.
    • Mow the lawn, tidy edges, and remove any unsightly weeds.
    • Spruce up decking, stone pathways, and driveways.
    • Keep outdoor toys and bikes neatly stored.

Going That Extra Mile

  1. Personal Touches:
    • Box up personal items neatly; a fresh, neutral canvas can help buyers envision their own style.
    • Attend to minor fixes like squeaky hinges, dripping taps, or peeling wallpaper.
    • Create a homely vibe by strategically placing fresh flowers.

On the Viewing Day:

  1. Parking Courtesy:
    • If possible, free up parking space for visitors.
    • Inform your estate agent about available parking.
  1. Pet-Friendly Approach:
    • Keep pets out of the house during viewings and remove related items.
    • Consider arranging pet care with a friend for the duration.
  1. Kid Considerations:
    • If you have children, think about childcare arrangements during the viewing.
    • Ensure the space is free from distractions.
  1. Final Flourishes:
    • Run the vacuum, open windows for a breath of fresh air, and draw back curtains.
    • Turn on lights to create a bright and welcoming atmosphere.
    • Beds with clean duvet covers, a vase of fresh flowers – the finishing touches.

Remember, the goal is to create a positive and inviting experience for potential buyers. A friendly and well-prepared home can leave a lasting impression that might just lead to a successful sale!