5 reasons your home isn't selling.

Dreaming of that quick and easy sale? If you're struggling to sell your property several factors could be responsible. From listing with an unrealistic price to your Estate Agent not meeting your expectations. Take a look below for 5 reasons why your home may not be selling.

Your asking price is too high.

Ensuring that your asking price is right is important when it comes to landing a quick sale. If your property is on the market overpriced, potential buyers are like to not view it or even know it's on the market for that matter.

If you receive an offer, things could fall through when it comes to the mortgage going through. The lender will value the property and if they feel the buyer is paying too much, they will not lend the money.

The photographs are not doing the property justice.

Photographs are significant when it comes to drawing customers in. With more people using online platforms to view properties, it's important that the images showcase the home in the best possible light. Ask friends to look at the listing and give you feedback on the images used - if they agree they need to change, ask your Estate Agent if they have any different pictures to use.

You have too much clutter in the rooms.

Before a photoshoot and any home viewings, ensure that all clutter is tidied away and your home is looking clean and airy. Make sure that rooms are lit well and clutter-free, open the curtains, make the beds, and plump cushions; the small touches make a big difference.

Key features have been left off the listing.

Your listing online should be highlighting the key features of the property; look at key words such as parking, garden and detached for example. Your listing should boast about all the sought after features.

Your Estate Agent is not working to expectations.

Your Estate Agent should be giving you regular updates on what potential buyers think about your property and the amount of interest it's gaining. If you feel they are not managing your expectations, you should communicate your issues and ask for resolution. It's important to also look at how your agent is marketing your property to potential buyers. If you suspect there is a problem and you feel like you want to change Estate Agent, it's important that you check your contract as you may be in a tie-in contract with a notice period.