4 reasons why you're struggling to find a Tenant.

A property without a Tenant can end up costs which is why it's urgent to take action as soon as this becomes a problem. Take a look below for 4 reasons why you may be facing this issue.


Is your property being listed on some of the large property portals like Rightmove or OnTheMarket? If not, you could be missing out on an array of potential Tenants. Ask your agent if they are currently promoting your property on these portals; if not, it could be an idea to look at agents in the area who utilise this type of marketing platform.


When it comes to property, photography is possibly one of the most important aspects of marketing; this is why it must be done to a high standard. Take a look at your listing - are the images blurred, have bad lighting or bad angling? This could be the issue!

Some tips would be to use wide angle lenses, good lighting and a good angle. A professional property photographer can take these pictures to ensure that they are done at the best quality possible.

Assess the price.

Compare the price your property is listed for with similar homes in the area; are you over-priced? Always use a price that has been set by the market, this can be determined by using a local agent to conduct a valuation on your home or by looking at similar properties in the area on portals like Rightmove.

Condition & presentation.

The condition of your property and the way you present it is vital. Here are a few things to look at:


Decluttering the entire property before taking images or viewings. You want to appeal to a wider audience, so personal touches may not be to everyones taste and it could scare potential tenants off. Clutter also takes up space which could be used to make the room seem bigger.

Neutral is always a winner.

It's a good idea to make the property look like a blank canvas with neutral walls and floors. It will not only make the home look bigger, but it will make it more appealing to the masses. It's important to note that not everyone will have the same taste in decor, so having a vibrant/unique colour scheme could be a turn-off for a lot of people.

Clean from top to bottom.

Every room should be cleaned and bad odours removed as it could be something as small as this that turns viewers off the home. Pay special attention to key rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen; those are usually the rooms that win over viewers.

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